FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show An OnlyFans Employee Recruiting College Students To Join The Platform?

Kenia Mazariegos | Contributor

A video shared on Facebook claims to show an OnlyFans employee encouraging college students to join the platform.

Verdict: False

An OnlyFans spokesperson confirmed the man in the video is not an employee of the company. The video appears to be a skit.

Fact Check:

The video appears to show an employee of OnlyFans attempting to recruit college students to join the platform. “Student loans piling up? Financial freedom starts here,” the alleged employee says, handing a pamphlet to a female student. “We don’t want you to be a porn star, we just want you to have an open mind,” the man tells another student.

“Still thinking of sending your kids to an American university?” reads the video’s caption. “OnlyFans has guys on campus encouraging your daughter’s (sic) to do porn for ‘financial freedom’ – The colleges are lost. Don’t send your kids there.” (RELATED: Did Joe Biden Cancel $250 Million For Historically Black Colleges And Universities?)

OnlyFans is an adults-only subscription-based platform that “allows content creators to monetize their content while developing authentic relationships with their fanbase,” according to its website. The site is known for its sexually explicit content, according to Complex.

The man in the video is not an employee of the company, however. The clip was first shared on Instagram by verified user @bendadonnn, who initially posted the video on Feb. 10. It appears to be a skit, similar to other vulgar comedy-based videos featured on the user’s Instagram page.

“These actions are not sanctioned by OnlyFans and fall outside our acceptable use policy, which prohibits impersonating OnlyFans or one of its employees,” a spokesperson for OnlyFans told Check Your Fact in an email.

The video appears to have been filmed at Florida International University (FIU). “Last week a person claiming to represent a private business recorded a video in the Graham Center,” said Maydel Santana, an FIU spokesperson, in an email to Check Your Fact when asked about the video. “The individual’s use of the space was in violation of our campus policies, and he was quickly asked to leave campus.”

Kenia Mazariegos



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