FACT CHECK: Did The Daily Mirror Report That Sex Toys Are Linked To Heart Attacks In Women?

Kenia Mazariegos | Contributor

An image shared on Facebook allegedly shows an article published by the Daily Mirror claiming a study revealed a link between sex toys and heart attacks in women.

Verdict: False

There is no record of the Daily Mirror publishing such a headline. The alleged article appears to be a digitally altered version of a different Daily Mirror story.

Fact Check:

The Facebook image allegedly shows a screen grab of a Jan. 26 article from the Daily Mirror titled, “Concerns grow over link between use of sex toys and heart attacks in women.” The alleged story references an unnamed study that “shows a potential link between the use of vibrators and heart attacks” and has prompted concern within the sex toy industry.

The article also claims Ann Summers CEO Jacqueline Gold had “instructed for warning signs of ‘increased risk of heart attack’ on all 2022 sales of sex toys.” The Facebook post does not include a link to the alleged article. (RELATED: Did ITV Report That ‘Vigorously’ Shaking A Duvet Cover Increases The Chance Of A Heart Attack?)

There is no record of the Daily Mirror publishing such an article. Check Your Fact searched through the outlet’s website but found no article discussing any purported link between sex toys and heart attacks. The alleged article does not appear on any of the Daily Mirror’s verified social media accounts. There is likewise no credible news reporting or scientific studies about a link between sex toys and heart attacks.

The image shared on Facebook appears to be an altered version of a genuine article from the Daily Mirror titled “12 best Valentine’s Day sex toys: Must-have vibrators and more to gift yourself or your lover,” which features the same author and time of publication as the purported article in the Facebook image.

A spokesperson for Reach PLC., the Daily Mirror’s parent company, told Reuters that such a story “was never published on a Reach owned site.”

Kenia Mazariegos



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