FACT CHECK: Has Vladimir Putin Banned The Rothschild Banking Family From Russia?

Hannah Hudnall | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Instagram claims Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned the Rothschild banking family from entering Russia.


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Verdict: False

There is no evidence the Rothschilds have been banned from Russia. The claim stems from a 2016 article that cites vague, unnamed “sources.”

Fact Check:

The Rothschild family is considered to be one of the most well-known European banking dynasties and has exerted influence in economic and geopolitical affairs for 200 years, according to Britannica. The family, which is Jewish, has been the target of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories for years, The Washington Post reports.

The Instagram post appears to show a screengrab of an article with a headline that reads, “Putin Has Banned Rothschild And His New World Order Banking Cartel Family From Entering Russian Territory.” (RELATED: Is Klaus Schwab Related To The Rothschild Family?)

There is no evidence to support this claim. Rothschild & Co., a Rothschild-owned investment bank, has global advisory offices in numerous cities across the globe, including Moscow, according to its website. There is no indication the bank’s Moscow office has closed. No mention of Putin’s alleged ban on the family is mentioned in the Rothschild & Co. press release archive. Likewise, there are no credible news reports about such a move.

A keyword search revealed the headline featured in the post was published in 2016 by CSGlobe, a self-described “alternative media” outlet. The article fails to provide any concrete evidence to back up the claim, vaguely citing unnamed “sources.” There are no credible reports suggesting any such action occurred in 2016. Rather, the Rothschild group contemplated making new hires in the country at the time, Reuters reported.

Check Your Fact previously debunked an image that allegedly showed a newspaper article from 1927 that claimed five billionaires, including the Rothschilds, purchased the U.S.

Check Your Fact has contacted Rothschild & Co. and the Russian Embassy for comment and will update this piece if a response is given.

Hannah Hudnall

Fact Check Reporter