FACT CHECK: Did Jim Carrey Make This Statement About Depression?

Trevor Schakohl | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook claims actor Jim Carrey said he believed “depression is legitimate” but warned that people don’t have “a fighting chance” against it without exercise, nutritious food, sunlight, sleep, positive materials and support.

Verdict: False

The quote has been misattributed to Carrey. A spokesperson for Carrey denied the actor made the statement.

Fact Check:

The image shared on Facebook features a picture of the famed actor along with an alleged quote of his that reads, “I believe depression is legitimate. But I also believe that if you don’t; exercise, eat nutritious food, get sunlight, get enough sleep, consume positive material, surround yourself with support, then you aren’t giving yourself a fighting chance.”

The quote is misattributed. The statement does not appear in any of Carrey’s tweets and he does not maintain official accounts on any other social media platforms. Check Your Fact found no credible news reports attributing the quote to him.

“The statement you are referring to was not made by my client Jim Carrey,” said Marleah Leslie, Carrey’s publicist, in an email to Check Your Fact. (RELATED: Did Bill Murray Tweet That Social Media Makes Everyone Depressed?)

While there is no evidence Carrey made this statement about depression, he has discussed the topic in the past. During a 2017 appearance on the TIFF Long Take podcast Carrey said, “Depression is your body saying ‘fuck you, I don’t want to be this character anymore. I don’t want to hold up this avatar that you created. And the world is too much for me.'”

Carrey told Access Hollywood in late March 2022 that he was “probably” retiring from acting and was “fairly serious” about the idea, Variety reported. The actor did suggest that he may continue if there are roles in films he likes but simply stated “I’m taking a break,” the outlet reported.

Trevor Schakohl

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