FACT CHECK: Did This 7-Eleven Sell Gas For $7.11?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook allegedly shows a 7-Eleven gas station selling gasoline for the price of $7.11. 



Verdict: Misleading

The photo predates the current spike in national gas prices. A spokesperson for 7-Eleven confirmed that listing a price of $7.11 used to be a common practice from contractors for newly built stores.

Fact Check:

President Joe Biden has called on Congress to institute a 3-month suspension, or “holiday,” of federal gas taxes to curb high gas prices, according to USA Today. He has also requested states take similar action on their own gas taxes to lower prices even further, the outlet reported.

The Facebook photo, shared over 300 times, allegedly shows a 7-Eleven gas station selling gas for $7.11 per gallon, though it does not specify when and where the image was taken. “The prophecy has been fulfilled,” the post’s caption reads. The image was also posted to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s verified Twitter account.

The photo predates the current surge in gas prices by a year. The image first appeared on the message forum Reddit in March 2021. “This new 7-Eleven’s test gas prices,” its original caption reads, suggesting the prices were being used as a test for the electronic sign.

“This photo is more than a year old. In the past, it was common for building contractors to test the fuel price signs at newly built, but not yet open, 7-Eleven locations to $7.11 in honor of the store’s name,” a spokesperson for 7-Eleven told Check Your Fact in an email. 

The spokesperson added that it had requested contractors to stop the practice and hoped the photo “does not cause any confusion ffor 7-eleven customers.” (RELATED: Does This Image Show How Cheap Gas Prices Were On Jan. 6, 2021?)

Several photos of gas prices have been falsely attributed to the current surge in prices nationwide. Check Your Fact debunked images claiming to show prices on Jan. 6, 2021 and current prices in Omaha, Nebraska.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter