FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show A Russian Missile Destroying A Ukrainian Arms Depot?

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

A video shared on Facebook purportedly shows a Russian Kinzhal missile striking an underground Ukrainian arms depot, resulting in a large explosion.

Verdict: False

The video is digitally altered. A YouTuber created the clip using visual effects software.

Fact Check:

The Russian military claimed in March that it had fired a hypersonic Kinzhal missile and destroyed a large underground military arsenal in Ukraine, BBC News reported. The missiles, which can be equipped with nuclear warheads, have been viewed as “not a game-changer,” according to the outlet.

The Facebook video, viewed over 2,000 times, appears to show a projectile landing in the distance, causing a massive explosion as the cameraperson can be heard reacting. The caption identifies the projectile as the Kinzhal missile “used to destroy a Ukrainian arms depot more than 400 feet underground,” attributing the video to an unnamed American reporter. (RELATED: Does This Image Show A Child Who Was Injured During The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine?)

The video is digitally altered. A reverse image search found the video first appeared on YouTube February 27 from user InsanePatient2 titled “What if Russia Started Nuclear War? #shorts.”

Another video from the user, titled “Moon hit by Asteroid CAUGHT ON CAMERA” features the same landscape seen in the Facebook video. Both video descriptions and the channel bio identify the videos as VFX.

There are no news reports suggesting Russia has recently launched a missile that destroyed an underground arms depot since March. Russia did hit an arms depot in the western Lviv region of Ukraine, destroying ammo and NATO-supplied weapons, according to PBS.

This is not the first time video of a missile strike has been misattributed to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Check Your Fact recently debunked a video that claimed to show a Russian warship hit by Ukrainian missiles.

Trevor Schakohl

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