FACT CHECK: Was Former Senate Sergeant-At-Arms Michael Stenger Murdered?

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

A post shared on Facebook claims former Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger was killed in a shooting.



Verdict: False

Stenger reportedly died of natural causes. There is no evidence he was shot.

Fact Check:

Stenger resigned his position as the Senate’s sergeant-at-arms following last year’s storming of the U.S. capitol, according to The New York Times. He passed away on June 27 at the age of 71, the outlet reported.

A post shared on Facebook claims he was actually murdered. “He was shot and killed!” reads part of the June 28 post. “Yep, gunned down crossing the street to go home! The shooting was partially captured on surveillance video from cameras on a nearby building!!” the post reads. “ASK YOURSELF: WHY would someone want Michael Stenger taken out? It shouldn’t be to hard to figure out the answer——at all!!!”

This claim is false, however. Two anonymous sources familiar with the matter told The Associated Press that Stenger’s death was the result of natural causes. One source said the former Senate sergeant-at-arms had received a cancer diagnosis and had been sick for some time, according to the outlet. Fox News’ Chad Pergram likewise reported that Stenger had cancer.

Check Your Fact found no credible news reports about Stenger being murdered, despite the claim that part of the alleged incident occurred in public and appeared on surveillance footage. (RELATED: Did Mafia Assassins Descend On Rome To Avenge Pope Francis’ Death?)

This is not the first time misinformation related to Jan. 6, 2021 has spread online. Shortly after the incident, Check Your Fact debunked a claim that alleged National Public Radio (NPR) published a headline about Trump supporters storming the U.S. Capitol before the event occurred.

Trevor Schakohl

Legal Reporter
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