FACT CHECK: Has Paul Pelosi Been Convicted Of Molesting A Child?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook claims House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul Pelosi was convicted by a military tribunal for allegedly molesting children.

Verdict: False

The claim stems from a satirical website. There is no evidence Paul Pelosi was arrested for such a crime.

Fact Check:

Paul Pelosi was sentenced to five days in jail following his conviction for misdemeanor driving under the influence in California in May 2022, according to NPR. He was also sentenced to three years probation and pay nearly $5,000 in victim restitution, the outlet reported.

The Facebook post claims Paul Pelosi has been convicted of molesting children. The post contains quotes from the alleged court proceedings in which the judge and that he was convicted and sentenced to life in Guantanamo Bay prison.

This claim is baseless. There are no credible news reports suggesting that Paul Pelosi had been arrested or was a person of interest in any crime of such nature. Speaker Pelosi has likewise made no press releases or posted anything on her verified social media accounts suggesting her husband had been charged again.

The post stems from a Sept. 8 article from the satirical website, Real Raw News. The site’s “about us” page identifies itself as containing “humor, parody, and satire.” (RELATED: Did Donald Trump Say His Ex-Wife Ivana Trump’s Death Was ‘Highly Suspicious?)

This is not the first time a satirical article from the site has circulated on social media purporting to be real. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim suggesting former CNN News anchor Brian Stelter was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter


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