FACT CHECK: Did China And India Send Thousands Of Troops To Russia ‘Minutes Ago’?

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

A video shared on Facebook purports China and India just sent thousands of troops to Russia “minutes ago.”

Verdict: Misleading

China and India sent troops to Russia as part of military exercises in early September. There is no evidence that any Chinese or Indian soldiers are currently in Russia.

Fact Check:

China’s United Nations ambassador called for a political settlement to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict Sept. 27, according to the South China Morning Post. Both countries recently abstained on a vote to condemn Russia’s recent annexation of Ukrainian lands, Insider reported.

The Sept. 26 Facebook video, viewed more than 126,000 times, claims that China and India deployed thousands of troops to Russia only “minutes ago.”

The video and caption are incorrect. If thousands of Chinese and Indian troops were currently in Russia, credible media outlets would have covered it, yet none have. Neither the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry nor the Indian External Affairs Ministry has announced that its troops have recently entered Russia or announced an invasion of the country. (RELATED: Does This Video Show A Russian Boat Blown Up By An Anti-Tank Missile?)

China and India did send troops to Russia in early September as part of military exercises, according to the South China Morning Post. China Military Online, a publication sponsored by the People’s Liberation Army, reported that 2,000 Chinese troops participated in the exercises. A contingent from the Indian Army’s 7/8 Gorkha Rifles participated in the exercises, the New Indian Express reported.

Misinformation about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is not new. Check Your Fact recently fact-checked a video claiming to show the Russian-Finnish border after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech announcing partial mobilization.

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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