FACT CHECK: Were 52% Of Votes For John Fetterman From Mail-In Ballots?

Elias Atienza | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook purports 52% of votes for Pennsylvania Democratic Senator-elect John Fetterman were from mail-in ballots.

Verdict: False

Around 35% of Fetterman’s votes came from mail-in ballots, not 52%, according to the unofficial election results.

Fact Check:

Fetterman, who currently serves as Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, defeated his Republican challenger, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Nov. 8, resulting in a gain in the Senate for the Democratic party, according to ABC 27. Oz conceded the race shortly after Fetterman declared victory, the outlet reported.

The Nov. 10 Facebook post claims that “52% of Fetterman’s votes were mail in ballots.” The post seems to imply that mail-in ballots were needed for the Democratic candidate to win the election.

The number cited in the post is false. Unofficial election results show that Fetterman received 949,616 votes from mail-in ballots while receiving over 2.71 million votes statewide, with approximately 98% of precincts reporting in. The mail-in number makes up 35% of Fetterman’s total votes, not 52%. Oz received less than 10% of his votes from mail-in ballots, per the election results.

Over 1.4 million Pennsylvania voters requested mail-in ballots, according to Spotlight PA. 70% of the 1.4 million requests came from registered Democrats, the outlet reported. Fetterman also sued to have undated and wrongly dated mail-in ballots counted, according to CNN.

The Pennsylvania Department of State’s Communications Director, Amy Gulli, referred Check Your Fact to the Pennsylvania Department of State’s website. (RELATED: Did John Fetterman Apologize To His Supporters After ‘Accidentally Urinating’ At A Campaign Event?)

“For the number and type of votes any candidate received, go to Pennsylvania Elections – Summary Results (pa.gov) and look at the white bar beneath the candidate’s name. For the mail ballot totals, go to Election Results (pa.gov) and click on ‘Daily Mail Ballot Report,'” Gulli told Check Your Fact via email.

Misinformation around the 2022 midterm elections is not new. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim that a federal judge ordered mail-in ballots that were received by Nov. 14 to be counted in Pennsylvania.

Elias Atienza

Fact Check Reporter
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