FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show Evidence Of Voter Fraud In Texas?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

video on Instagram purportedly shows evidence of an election worker adding hundreds of votes in Dallas, Texas, during the 2022 midterms.


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Verdict: Misleading

This video’s caption is inaccurate. The Dallas County Elections Department explained that processing during the day was slower, causing the jump in numbers in the evening.

Fact Check:

Republican candidate Kari Lake refused to concede to Governor-elect Katie Hobbs and is assembling a legal team to challenge the election process in Arizona, The Hill reported. While claims of election fraud have circulated on social media, most elections have gone without incident albeit slow counting of ballots in certain races, according to NPR.

The Instagram video appears to show a polling pad adding numbers to the vote tabulation wildly. Officials can be heard offscreen discussing an influx of votes being tabulated and claiming the election is “rigged.”

“Footage reveals that poll pads in Dallas were caught adding hundreds of voters in real time as the poll was being closed,” the caption reads. (RELATED: Does This Video Show Ted Cruz Saying He Has Documents That Would Implicate Adam Schiff?)

The post is misleading. There have been no credible news reports that suggest these claims are accurate. The Dallas County Elections Department addressed the claim on their website and explained the circumstance.

“On Election Day, Dallas County processed over 200,000 voters on the e-pollbooks, which uploaded the transactions to the central server in a timely fashion,” the post read in part. “However, Dallas County noticed that there appeared to be some delay in the downloading of those transactions to the other e-pollbooks.”

The statement read that downloads sped up significantly after upload traffic on the network had eased. Election Systems and Software, which provided the software for the election, assured the county that the activity was normal and was expected, according to the statement.

This is not the first time claims of election fraud have spread online. Check Your Fact debunked a claim illegal immigrants voted in Colorado.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter