FACT CHECK: Did Elon Musk Reveal Evidence That Joe Biden Is ‘Fatally Sick?’

Melissa Hawk | Contributor

A video shared on Facebook purports that Twitter CEO Elon Musk has revealed information that President Joe Biden is “fatally sick.”

Verdict: False

The claim is baseless. There is no evidence that Musk has revealed information about Biden’s health.

Fact Check:

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has accepted the blame for the censorship scandals that Musk has brought to light recently in the “Twitter files,” the New York Post reported. Musk could be found in violation of EU’s Media Freedom Act after banning several journalists from Twitter, according to The Washington Post.

The video on Facebook, which has been viewed over 14,000 times, claims that Musk has leaked new information regarding the failing health of Biden. The video starts with a highlight reel of Musk’s achievements. “Elon Musk JUST LEAKED Joe Biden Is Mortally Sick!” the caption reads. (RELATED: DID ELON MUSK PUBLISH THIS TWEET SAYING HE WOULD BE DELETING TWITTER?)

There is no credible news report that Musk released any such information. The 9-minute video does not mention any evidence of Biden’s failing health or any evidence that Musk has revealed in regard to that issue.

Musk has been sharing internal documents revealing various correspondents between Twitter employees and Democratic representatives. In what has become known as “The Twitter Files,” information has revealed alleged censorship on coverage of Hunter Biden’s Laptop during the 2020 election.

This is not the first time false information regarding medical news has spread on social media. Check Your Fact previously debunked a claim from September 2020 alleging that the state of Hawaii purchased 30 suicide-assistance pods.

Melissa Hawk