FACT CHECK: Did CNN State Joe Biden Pledged $350 Billion Toward Computer Education For Women In Africa?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook allegedly shows a CNN article stating President Joe Biden pledged $350 billion toward computer education courses for women in Africa. 

Verdict: False

This photo is digitally fabricated. A CNN spokesperson confirmed in an email to Check Your Fact that the news outlet did not publish such an article.

Fact Check: 

The House of Representatives passed a 2023 government funding bill, also known as the Omnibus bill, with an estimated cost of $1.7 trillion, according to as press release from the Appropriations Committee. The bill has received massive criticism, mainly from GOP leaders and lawmakers, for the amount of “pork” in the bill, The Washington Post reported.

The Facebook post claims Biden is giving Africa $350 billion for computer courses for women, featuring a “CNN Politics” article banner. “Stuff like this is what our tax payer money is earmarked for in this spending bill,” the post’s caption reads. “Meanwhile our southern border which is completely overran is getting not one dime.”

The image was also shared on Twitter, where it garnered over 2,500 retweets. (RELATED: Did Elon Musk Reveal Evidence That Joe Biden Is ‘Fatally Sick’?)

This photo is digitally fabricated, however. The alleged article cannot be found on CNN’s website or any of its verified social media accounts. There are no credible news reports to suggest that Biden actually pledged the money. 

“This post is fabricated – it is not a published article from CNN,” a spokesperson for the outlet confirmed in an email to Check Your Fact.

The alleged article was attributed to CNN politics reporter Kevin Liptak and published on Dec. 15, but does not appear among his recent articles on his profile. The piece appears to be an edited version of a similar article where Biden announced “billions in new commitments” to Africa, but does not specify what they money is for.

This is not the first time an image has become the source of misinformation on the internet. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim French President Emmanuel Macron cried during the World Cup.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter