FACT CHECK: Do These Videos Show The Earthquake In Turkey and Syria?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on social media allegedly shows a compilation of footage from the earthquake that occurred Feb. 6 in Turkey and Syria.




Verdict: False

The caption is inaccurate. Both clips predate the Turkey earthquake.

Fact Check:

The death toll in Turkey and Syria from the recent earthquake has risen to 41,000 over a week after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the region, according to ABC News. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad struck a deal with U.N. Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Martin Griffiths to allow humanitarian aid to be transported across conflict lines into rebel-controlled territory, Fox News reported.

The Facebook post allegedly shows two separate videos of people reacting to the earthquakes. One video shows the interior of a market while the other shows a street. “earthquake dangerous in Turkish,” the text on the image reads.

The videos predate the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The first video dates back to 2015 and depicts an earthquake in Thapathali, Nepal, as citizens stand outside of buildings. The earthquake, which was measured at a 7.8 magnitude, destroyed multiple buildings and killed thousands, according to The New York Times. (RELATED: Does This Video Show A Building Collapse From The Turkey Earthquake?)

The second video shows an earthquake caught on camera inside a store in Trinidad in August 2018. The magnitude 6.9 earthquake, which also had impacts in Venezuela and several other Caribbean islands, damaged buildings and destroyed cars that were exposed, according to the University of the West Indies.

This is not the first post that has spread misinformation about the recent earthquake. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim footage showing a tsunami in the aftermath.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter