FACT CHECK: Did Essex Police Announce They Are Streamlining Certain Applicants Based On Ethnicity?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook allegedly shows a tweet from the Essex Police Department in the U.K. saying they will streamline the process for applicants who are minorities.

Verdict: False

The post is digitally fabricated. There is no evidence that Essex Police made this statement.

Fact Check:

King Charles III has asked Prince Harry and his wife Meghan to leave their Frogmore Cottage, which is part of King Charles Windsor Castle estate, Reuters reported. The King’s visit to Essex has also been delayed due to poor weather, EssexLive reported.

The Facebook post shared an alleged tweet from the Essex Police Department saying they would streamline applicants from certain ethnic backgrounds. The image includes photos of diverse officers and the slogan, “We Value Difference.”

“We’re hiring!” the alleged post reads. “Essex Police aims to be the first country-level Police Force in Britain composed of at least 50% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic officers! If you’re from the correct background you can submit a streamlined application without your CV at essex.police.uk?fitthebill.”

The claim is baseless. There are no credible news report that suggests this is an authentic tweet, nor is there record of the tweet on their verified Twitter account. (RELATED: Did Rudy Giuliani Threaten To Reveal Harmful Information About Trump?)

The department’s “We Value Difference” campaign, which is targeted to “dispelling the myths that you have to be a certain ‘type’ of person to be a police officer,” was used as a base for the false tweet’s image.

The Essex Police Department denied that this was an authentic tweet from their verified Twitter account. They confirmed via Twitter that the image was “manipulated” and was never one of their campaigns.

This is not the first time altered content has been shared online as real. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim that Joe Biden called for a national military draft.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter