FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show Brown Tap Water In East Palestine, Ohio?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on Facebook allegedly shows a faucet running brown tap water in East Palestine, Ohio after the train derailment released toxic chemicals.



Verdict: False

The video is miscaptioned. The person who originally posted the footage clarified in a follow-up video that it was recorded in Oregon, not Ohio.

Fact Check: 

Norfolk Southern, the owners of the train that derailed, have announced new safety measures including infrared sensors to record bearing temperatures, according to CNN. The company has also agreed to financially assist residents in lodging and other necessities while the derailment is cleaned up, 90.5 WESA reported.

A Twitter video allegedly shows brown tap water from East Palestine. The video shows a woman running discolored tap water into a mason jar accompanied by narration and eerie music. “This is what they told us to do was just run it a little bit,” the tweet reads.

The video was not taken in Ohio. The video was originally posted to TikTok on Feb. 16. “Im OVER it,” the original caption reads. “5 floods in two years … the water looks like this bc they turned it off. Bc the building is flooding. Again.”

@antoinette_time_machineIm OVER it. 5 floods in two years … the water looks like this bc they turned it off. Bc the building is flooding. Again.♬ Creepy and simple horror background music(1070744) – howlingindicator

The same user posted a follow-up video and confirmed in the comments that the video was not taken in Ohio. A commenter asked the original poster to identify their location, the poster replied with, “Oregon!” (RELATED: Does This Video Show The Aftermath Of The Feb. 3 Train Derailment In East Palestine, Ohio?)

@antoinette_time_machine Replying to @Anela 💖 ♬ Violin – Grooving Gecko

Check Your Fact has reached out to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.

This is not the first time misinformation has spread involving the train derailment in East Palestine. Check Your Fact previously debunked a claim that former President Donald Trump distributed yellow-colored water in the town.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter