FACT CHECK: Has Hillary Clinton Been Indicted?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on social media purports former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been indicted due to new evidence released by Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul.

Verdict: False

The caption is inaccurate. There is no evidence that Clinton has been indicted.

Fact Check:

Former Attorney General Bill Barr lambasted the Manhattan District Attorney’s indictment of former President Donald Trump calling it “transparently an abuse of prosecutorial power,” ABC News reported. Trump for AG said there is a better case to be made with regard to the documents found at Mar-a-Lago.

The Facebook post purports Paul revealed evidence that led to Clinton’s indictment. The post shared footage of Paul answering a reporter’s question about Clinton and his opinion on her. “Hillary Clinton INDICTED as Rand Paul REVEALS Shocking Evidence EXPOSING Her,” the caption reads.

The caption is inaccurate. There is no credible news report that suggests Clinton has been indicted. There has been no mention of this indictment on any of Clinton’s verified social media accounts.

The videos shared on post are from 2016 news coverage of Clinton’s email scandal. In the first video Paul gave his opinion on what should be done with regard to Clinton’s actions. He then spoke on Fox News to elaborate. He did not introduce new evidence at any point in the interview.

The post also shared a clip from the same year in which Jim Jordan, in a Fox News interview, outlined his issues with Clinton’s actions regarding her private server. (RELATED: No, This Image Does Not Show A Mugshot Of Donald Trump)

This is not the first time misinformation related to Trump’s has spread online. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim that Trump had a child out of wedlock.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter


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