FACT CHECK: No, Video Of Eggs Being Destroyed Is Not Related To The American Egg Shortage

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on Instagram alleges a bulldozer knocked over numerous cartons of eggs, causing the U.S. egg shortage.  

Verdict: False

The video is miscaptioned. It was taken in Argentina and is unrelated to the egg shortage in the U.S.

Fact Check: 

An ongoing egg shortage in the U.S. was caused by a 2022 avian flu outbreak that killed millions of hens, according to The New York Times. The price of eggs peaked last December at $4.25 per dozen, an increase of $1.78 from the previous year, Newsweek reported.

An Instagram post purports the shortage is, in part, due to eggs being destroyed. The post shares a video of a bulldozer knocking over thousands of cartons of eggs in a ditch.

“This is where you’re (sic) egg shortage went,” reads text overlaid on the video.

The video is miscaptioned, however. An extended version of the video was posted to Instagram on April 15 by Argentinian poultry company Avícola Santa Ana

“Despite the NEGATIVE result of the tests on 4/13, we were forced to destroy 360,000 eggs suitable for consumption today,” the caption reads once translated. “This sad image will be repeated day by day until the block imposed by SENASA ends. We want to go back to work.”(RELATED: Did Scientists Warn Eggs Are Causing Thousands Of People To ‘suddenly’ Form Blood Clots?)

Senasa, Argentina’s National Agro-Food Health and Quality Service, ordered the destruction of thousands of eggs after an avian flu outbreak, according to Colombian news outlet, Tubarco

This is not the first time a video has been the source of misinformation. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim President Joe Biden used different hands to sign documents.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter