FACT CHECK: No, Forbes Did Not Report That Burning Man Had An Ebola Outbreak

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on social media purportedly shows an image of a Forbes headline that allegedly reports that there are Ebola patients at Burning Man.

Verdict: False

The claim is inaccurate. There is no evidence that this headline is authentic.

Fact Check:

The Burning Man clean-up will be challenging this year due to the mass flooding that occurred during the festival. NBC News reports that attendees were forced to abandon tents, vehicles and waste as they escaped the ankle-deep mud.

The Twitter post shows an image of a Forbes headline that appears to confirm that the illness was discovered at the festival. The headline reads, “Yes, There’s An Ebola outbreak At Burning Man.”

The claim is inaccurate. There is no credible news report that suggests this headline is authentic. The headline appears to have altered a Forbes article that can be found on the news outlets website. The article shares the same timestamp and image of the festival. The article found on the Forbes website reports the opposite of the Twitter post. The headline reads, “No, There’s Not An Ebola Outbreak At Burning Man.”

A Sept. 3 update to this article reports that the original headline has been altered by Twitter users to claim that the Ebola outbreak is real. The article update goes on to say the videos about the rumored illness have gone viral on TikTok and several other social media platforms.(RELATED: Does The United States Rank 13th In The World For Infrastructure.)

This is not the first time misinformation regarding the Burning Man Festival. Check Your Fact debunked a post that Ebola patients from the festival caused LAX to be evacuated.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter