FACT CHECK: Image Of Ukrainian Stamp With Yaroslav Hunka Is Fake

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

Facebook post claims that Ukraine issued a stamp with Yaroslav Hunka, a Ukrainian-Canadian who fought in a Nazi unit in World War II.

Verdict: False

The Ukrainian Postal Service did not issue this stamp.

Fact Check:

Canada’s House of Commons speaker resigned after controversy erupted over the invitation of Hunka, a Canadian-Ukrainian WWII veteran who fought in a Nazi unit, according to The Associated Press.

Social media users have been sharing an image claiming to show a stamp issued by the Ukrainian Postal Service highlighting Hunko. The image’s caption reads,”The Ukrainian Postal Service is now issuing stamps with the face of the WW2 Wafen SS Nazi Galicia cretin Yaroslav Hunko while Poland will seek his extradition from Canada.”

This claim is false. The barcode on the side of the alleged postal stamp, “4823027150765,” links to a different product on Amazon. Check Your Fact also reviewed the Ukrainian Postal Service (known as Ukrposhta) website and did not find any stamps matching the one in the Facebook image. (RELATED: Russia Today Headline Claiming Prigozhin’s Pilot Had Post-Vaccine Myocarditis Is Fabricated)

Ukrposhta told Logically Facts that the “specified stamp is not an official issue of Ukrposhta.” The fact-checking outlet also pointed out that the barcode on the fake postal stamp is on the upper right-side, while actual Ukrainian stamps have the barcode on the lower right-side.

The fake stamp was shared by Russian government accounts. At least one of the Russian government accounts deleted its tweet about the fake postal stamp, according to Logically Facts.

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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