FACT CHECK: Video Showing Iron Dome Is Not From Oct. 26

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

A video shared on X claims to show the Iron Dome in action in Tel Aviv and Jaffa in Israel on Oct. 26.

Verdict: False

The video is from a different Israeli city and was taken two weeks earlier.

Fact Check:

The Iron Dome air defense system has intercepted thousands of rockets since it was deployed in 2011, according to Voice of America. Since Hamas launched its Oct. 7 surprise attack on Israel, Israeli officials have said that rockets fired from Gaza have killed at least 11 Israelis, the outlet reported.

Social media users have been sharing this video, claiming it shows “missile attacks on Tel Aviv and Jaffa.” The video was shared on October 26 with the caption, “Unprecedented missile attacks on Tel Aviv and Jaffa.” (RELATED: Fact Checking Videos, Images And Posts From The October Hamas Attack On Israel)

This is false. Through a keyword and reverse image search, Check Your Fact found the video predates the post by two weeks and was taken in a different Israeli city. The video was shared to YouTube Oct. 12 by the British media outlet The Telegraph. The video’s title reads, “Israel’s Iron Dome intercepts Hamas rockets in Ashkelon.”

“Israel’s military said it was conducting a ‘large-scale strike’ on targets belonging to Hamas in Gaza on Thursday, but gave no details. It comes amid speculation the military is preparing to launch a ground offensive into the Palestinian territory,” reads the video description.

The original video appears to have been shared by Clash Report, an X account that publishes footage from various conflicts. The video’s caption reads, “Hamas rockets vs. Iron Dome. Ashkelon.”

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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