Fact Checking Videos, Images And Posts From October Hamas Attack On Israel

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Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, attacked Israel Oct. 7, killing hundreds of Israeli civilians, kidnapping others and bringing them back to Gaza, according to the CBS News.  Israel has responded with airstrikes on Gaza and fighting to regain control of areas attacked by Hamas, the outlet reported.

Social media users are spreading false and misleading videos, images and posts about the attack and the superseding events. Check Your Fact has looked into some of these claims.

Video Claims To Show Israeli airstrike on building. 

This video, which claims to show “Israel is restoring its image,” is from May 2021. The video shows an Israeli missile strike on a building in the Gaza Strip during a live BBC News broadcast.

Video Claiming To Show Fighting Between Hamas And Israel

This video, which claims to show “Israeli Army is in active fights with Palestinian fighters/Hamas” is likely from Mexico. Spanish language writing can be seen on the door and the video itself was shared on Funker530 over two years ago.

Image Shared By Enes Freedom Is From 2014

Basketball player Enes Freedom condemned the Hamas attacks in a tweet. In his tweet, he shared an image of an explosion. The image is from 2014 and shows an Israeli airstrike on the Tuffah neighborhood of Gaza City.
Video Showing Israeli Airstrike On Home Is From May 2023

A video shared on X showing an Israeli airstrike is not from the current fighting. It has been circulating since May 2023. The video was also shared on a Palestinian website.

No, Video Does Not Show Israelis Running From Palestinian Rocket Attack

Video claims to show Israelis running from a Palestinian rocket attack. The video was shared to TikTok in April 2023 and it likely shows La Defense near Paris France, not Israel.

Video Does Not Show Recent Israeli Airstrike

video claims to show a recent Israeli airstrike in Gaza. The video, though, has been circulating since May 2023 and claims to show an Israeli airstrike on a Palestinian cemetery in Beit Lahiya.

Video Claims To Show Israeli ‘Retaliation Strikes’ On Gaza

video claims to show Israeli ‘retaliation strikes’ on the Gaza Strip is not from 2023. The actual video has been circulating since May 2021. 

Social Media Posts Claim to Show a Memorandum from President Joe Biden Giving Aid To Israel

A post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, allegedly shows a release by the White House stating Biden had signed off on a $8 Billion memorandum for emergency aid to Israel. The White House website has not featured such an announcement, aside from their earlier statement condemning the attacks. The image appears photoshopped from a July 25 White House memo authorizing more weapons to Ukraine.

“The tweet presents false information,” A spokesperson from the State Department told Check Your Fact via email.

The spokesperson also pointed to a 2021 article from the State Department and a 2022 statement from the White House detailing the relationship between Israel and the U.S and a joint declaration between the two countries.

A National Security Council spokesperson also confirmed to Check Your Fact that the claim is false.

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Video Claiming To Show Israeli Helicopter Shot Down Is From Video Game

A video shared on X claims to show Hamas fighters shooting down 4 Israeli helicopters. This video is from ARMA 3, a military simulation game. The video was originally posted on YouTube in March 2022.

Trump Comments Regarding Israel and Palestine Taken Out Of Context


A viral video shared on TikTok allegedly showed former President Donald Trump saying, “Israel has hypnotized the world.”

The quote stems from a 2019 speech Trump gave in Minnesota, paraphrasing a 2012 tweet from Omar stating the sentiment. The former president used the tweet in his speech to bolster his claims the lawmaker was anti-Semitic.

Video of Woman Being Assaulted Is Not From Conflict

***Disturbing Content***

A viral video shared on X woman being brutally beaten by Palestinian militants.

The video actually shows a Pro-Palestinian protester being restrained during a demonstration on Oct. 6, one day before the attacks occurred.

Video Claiming To Show Israeli Kids In Cages Predates Hamas Attack

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Video Showing Jets Being Towed Predates Conflict

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Video Showing An Israeli Strike on a Hamas Pickup Truck

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Video Showing Pro-Palestinian Protests In Turkey

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The Times of Israel Reports The Death of Hamas Leader

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North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Makes Statement on Conflict

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Video Shows Camera Crew Staging A Scene From The Gaza-Israeli War

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Social Media Claims Suggest Israeli Strikes Destroyed Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza.

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Video Claims To Show Israeli Tank Being Destroyed.

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Video Allegedly Shows A Kidnapped Israeli Woman

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Video Shows Militants Paragliding Into Sporting Event

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Video Shows Worshippers Fleeing Western Wall.

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Reel Shows Israeli Generals Taken Into Hamas Custody

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Video Shows Pro-Palestine March.

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Video Shows Soldier Shooting Down Helicopter.

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Video Shows Supernova Attendees Fleeing Concert As Attack Begins.

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Video Shows Iranian Politicians Chanting ‘Death To America’

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Russian President Vladimir Putin Warns America About Conflict

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Video Shows Pakistani Air Force on Standby.

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