FACT CHECK: Did Bill Gates Write An Article Titled ‘Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination’?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Instagram claims Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote an article titled “Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination.” 

Verdict: False

The article’s byline, which is too small to decipher in the post’s screenshot, does not show Gates’ name.

Fact Check: 

Florida Republican Mike Waltz has called on Gates to ban any members of Hamas from using Four Seasons hotels, due to the billionaire’s controlling stake in the hotel chain, according to New York Post. Waltz said Gates may face “counterterrorism sanctions” if he fails to comply with this demand, the outlet reported.

The Instagram post purports Bill Gates authored an article about depopulation. The post shares a photo which appears to show a newspaper article titled “Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination: The Zero Carbon Solution!” and features a photo of Gates to the right.

Underneath text reads, “This woman is holding a newspaper she has kept since 2011. The paper contains an article by Bill Gates called ‘Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination.’ Gates believes this would be the most ‘environmentally friendly solution.’ No one gave it much thought at the time.”

This article was not written by Gates, however. An archived version of the article from the Sovereign Independent shows that it was attributed to someone named Rachel Windeer, not Gates. This byline was obscured in the Instagram post. The Sovereign Independent’s website is still up, but contains many broken links and appears to not have been updated since 2014. 

Furthermore, there are no credible news reports matching the alleged article. (RELATED: Post Falsely Claims Bill Gates’ ‘Air Vaccine’ Has Been Approved For Use Against ‘Non-Consenting Humans’)

Check Your Fact reached out to a spokesperson for Gates for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter