FACT CHECK: No, A Fox News Correspondent Did Not Collude With Israeli Soldiers To Stage Arrest

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on X, formerly Twitter, purports a Fox News correspondent colluded with Israeli soldiers to stage an arrest. 

Verdict: False

There is no evidence for this claim. A Fox News spokesperson confirmed in a phone call to Check Your Fact that the accusations are false.

Fact Check: 

Hamas has freed eight Israeli hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners in order to prolong the ceasefire in Gaza by another day, according to AP News. At least 10 Israelis a day have been released in the duration of the ceasefire in exchange for Israel releasing at least 30 Palestinian hostages, the outlet reported.

An X video claims to show a Fox reporter covering a staged arrest. The video shows a reported running through an area littered with camping tents as they approach several soldiers apprehending a man.

“Very tense right now as these soldiers appear to be arresting a Palestinian man,” he says as the soldiers capture a man who is in his underwear. “They have him in handcuffs right now and you can see they’ve blindfolded him.”

The video then cuts to footage that show the man either taking off or putting on pants. “A clip raises accusations against the American Fox channel correspondent of colluding with the occupation army to stage a play,” the caption reads. “In the clip, the correspondent pretends that the soldiers successfully arrested one of the fighters. #Israel However seconds pass, and the same person is seen returning and dressing comfortably, with the blindfold removed.”

The clip is not proof that the arrest was staged, however. The video includes a jump cut to the man with his pants, but there is no evidence that this occurred only seconds after the previous clip.

The journalist seen in the video, Trey Yingst, made an X post showing the unedited video. It first shows the footage of the man taking off his pants, then being arrested. 

“There’s a post about our reporting circulating online regarding this clip from October 12th, claiming the man is a crisis actor,” it reads. “Here’s the entire raw video. You can see the man who was arrested take his clothes off, before he is taken into custody. The truth is important.”

The video of the man was also posted by news outlets such as Sky News and CBS News. (RELATED: Image Claiming To Show Burning Israeli Ship Is Old)

A Fox News spokesperson confirmed to Check Your Fact via phone call that these accusations are false.

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Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter