FACT CHECK: Image Claims To Show A Israeli Sniper Bullet

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

An image shared on X claims to show an Israeli sniper bullet fired at a hospital in Gaza.

Verdict: False

The bullet has not been fired.

Fact Check:

The Israeli military demolished a cemetery in Gaza, stating that Hamas, a terrorist organization, used it to hide a tunnel, according to The Associated Press.

Social media users have been sharing an image of a bullet, claiming it shows an Israeli bullet fired at a hospital. One user wrote, “Displaced citizens sheltering in Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis shared a photo of Israeli snipers’ bullets fired at the hospital.”

This claim, however, appears to be false. The bullet does not appear to have been fired. For example, a fired bullet has rifle grooves, such as this image showing “rifling impressions” that was published on the National Institute of Standards and Technology website. There are no apparent rifle grooves on the bullet, nor are there any indications that the bullet has been fired.

Check Your Fact found images of spent bullet casings (bullets that have been fired), which do not look like the bullet in the original X post. (RELATED: No, Image Does Not Show Iranian Missile Strike On Pakistan)

A page from an archived website called Firearm Examiner Training explains, “Examinations of unfired ammunition, both unfired cartridges and shotshells, proceed in much the same way as for fired cartridge cases and shotshell cases. The obvious difference is the absence of chamber or breech face marks, and the possible presence of a light strike(s) from a firing pin.”

The Quds News Network sent a follow-up tweet Jan. 28, saying, “We published yesterday a photo from Nasser Hospital of what appears to be anti-tank ammunition.”

“After double-checking and thoroughly following up on the issue, the journalist who took the photo stated that he found it as he was covering from locations in the vicinity of Nasser Hospital in which Israeli vehicles had advanced before retreating. The photo shows a type of ammunition, which is used by Israeli forces in Gaza in a civilian area where thousands of displaced civilians take shelter,” Quds News Network tweeted.

Due to these factors, Check Your Fact is rating this claim false.

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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