FACT CHECK: Pro-Israel Sneakers Not Made By Nike

Christine Sellers | Fact Check Reporter

A video shared on Facebook purports to show a pair of pro-Israel sneakers made by Nike.

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Verdict: False

The sneakers are customized and sold by PNT by Ray, not Nike. The owner of PNT by Ray confirmed she customized and sold the sneakers in an email to Check Your Fact.

Fact Check:

Israel and Hamas have paused discussions about the release of hostages as well as a potential ceasefire, according to the New York Times. Prior to the pause, negotiations for “an initial six-week ceasefire” and the release of 40 hostages were in the works, the outlet reported.

“@Nike wants to go broke! Keep BOYCOTTING child killers,” the text overlay on the video reads. The video features a pair of white sneakers that bear the Israeli flag. Besides Facebook, the claim also circulated on X, where it garnered two million views.

The claim is false, however. The pro-Israel sneakers are not made by Nike but rather PNT by Ray. According to its Facebook page, PNT by Ray is an artist who makes “Custom Wearable Art for Kids & Adults.” Likewise, the pro-Israel sneakers appeared in a video from MEMO, which also indicated they were customized by PNT by Ray.

“A woman known as Rachel, who owns PNT by Ray, a business that sells custom hand-painted shoes, is selling customized Nike trainers with the Israeli flag painted on them. The clip circulated online by social media users who called for the boycott of the company. Since October [7th], calls to boycott certain companies such as Starbucks and McDonald’s have intensified over their stance on Israel’s war on Gaza,” the video’s description reads.

In addition, Check Your Fact found no credible news reports supporting the claim. In fact, the opposite is true. Misbar debunked the claim in a Mar. 7 article. The claim is also not referenced on Nike’s website or its verified social media accounts. (RELATED: Video Shows Child Shivering In Syria, Not Gaza)

Rachel, the owner of PNT by Ray confirmed she customized and sold the sneakers in an email to Check Your Fact.

“I am not affiliated with Nike or any other brand of products I paint on. I simply paint whatever my customers want, on any products they want. I also put a disclaimer in my posts making it clear that these are not Nike-authorized pieces, but just my own art on sneakers. I paint on a lot of other brands too and the products are just the canvas I use,” Rachel said.

“The pair in the video is one I made for Michael Dickson because I am a fan of his and appreciate his advocacy for Israel during this turbulent time for Jews. I hope everyone commenting on the shoes can find a way to take the attention and energy they have focused on this issue and redirect it toward making actual, meaningful change,” she added.

Christine Sellers

Fact Check Reporter