FACT CHECK: Photo Shows Comedian, Not Gunman Involved In Moscow Terrorist Attack

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on Instagram allegedly shows a gunman involved in the Moscow terrorist attack. 

Verdict: False

The image does not show a gunman involved in the recent attack. Instead, it’s an image of a comedian that often circulates following mass shootings.

Fact Check: 

Four suspects have been charged following a terrorist attack in Moscow that killed at least 137 people and injured 182 others, according to ABC News. Senior Kremlin officials have speculated that the West teamed up with Ukraine to carry out the attack, CNBC reported.

An Instagram image claims to show one of the suspects that carried out the attack. The photo shows a blonde, bearded man holding a gun with one hand and an image to the right shows a still of security footage.

“One of the gun men (sic) in the Moscow terrorist attack in Russia is believed to be an Islamist chechnya called Sam shevchenko,” the image’s text reads.

This man has no ties to the Moscow shooting, however. A BBC article shows images of the four suspects involved, none of whom resemble the man seen in the Instagram picture. (RELATED: Image Misidentifies Moscow Terrorist Attack Suspect)

The image shows comedian Sam Hyde, according to VERIFY. Hyde’s picture has circulated after mass shootings with people alleging that he’s the shooter since at least 2015, the outlet reported.  Check Your Fact has previously debunked claims using Hyde’s images to allege he played a role in shootings or mass murders.

Hyde’s picture was also shared, alleging he was the gunman, after a shooting at YouTube’s offices in 2015, according to Business Insider.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter