FACT CHECK: Image Claims To Show Oil Refineries Burning In Haifa

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

An image shared on X claims to show Haifa oil refineries on fire.

Verdict: False

The image is from the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It shows Baghdad, not Haifa.

Fact Check:

President Joe Biden pledged that the U.S. would support Israel if Iran launched an attack, according to BBC News. Iran promised retaliation for an Israeli strike that killed multiple Iranian military officers in Syria, the outlet reported.

Social media users are claiming to show refineries in Haifa, an Israeli city, on fire. One user wrote, “‘Haifa’s occupied oil refineries are burning 🔥 now. They are on fire 🔥. #Haifa #Fire.'”

This image, though, is not from Haifa. Through a reverse image search, Check Your Fact found that the image is a screenshot from a video uploaded to YouTube by Al Jazeera. It was taken in Baghdad and shows U.S. forces bombing the city.

“Al Jazeera’s Hoda Abdel-Hamid was reporting in Baghdad in 2003 when the first bombs fell on the city. 20 years on from the invasion, she reflects on key moments from the war,” the video description reads.

Check Your Fact also found that a video of the bombing was published on Getty Images. The description reads, “‘Shock and awe’ bombing campaign over Baghdad during Iraq war; 22 Mar 03.”

The Quint also debunked this claim. (RELATED: Viral X Image Showing Iranian Trucks Is Not Recent)

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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