FACT CHECK: No, These Images Do Not Show Bright Pink Dolphin On North Carolina Beach

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

Photos shared on X allegedly shows a bright pink dolphin that washed ashore on the beach in Outer Banks, North Carolina. 

Verdict: False

The images are digitally fabricated. They have been created with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), Hive Moderation reveals.

Fact Check:

A $5,000 reward is being offered to find a culprit who dismembered a dolphin who was found dead on the New York City coast, according to CBS News. The animal, which is protected under federal law, was missing multiple fins along with its tail, the outlet reported.

Images posted on X appear to show multiple angles of a bright pink dolphin washed ashore on a beach during sunset. Two of these show a man appearing to poke the dolphin with a stick or other object while the third shows the dolphin alone.

“They say a pink dolphin was stuck on the beach in the OBX of N.C. Fascinating,” the post reads.

These are not genuine photos, however. Plugging the images into Hive Moderation shows that each picture has between a 99.5-99.9 percent likelihood of being AI. 

There are no credible news reports about the alleged sighting in North Carolina. (RELATED: Does This Video Show A Dolphin Swimming In A Venice Canal During The Coronavirus Pandemic?)

Pink dolphins are rare, but do exist. Two were spotted in a Louisiana river last July, according to USA Today. Viewing the accompanying video shows that these dolphins are significantly lighter in color compared to what’s seen in the X post, and the article mentions that some dolphins can appear pink due to albinism.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter