FACT CHECK: Viral Post Claims Justin Bieber Said ‘Hollywood Elites’ Killed His Unborn Child

Brad Sylvester | Fact Check Editor

A viral Facebook post shared over 2,900 times claims singer Justin Bieber told hundreds of people at a Bible study that “Hollywood elites” killed his unborn child with singer Selena Gomez.

Verdict: False

There is no evidence Bieber made the comments attributed to him in the post. The story originated on a website known for sharing misinformation.

Fact Check:

The lengthy post claims Bieber, a Canadian pop singer, told hundreds of people at church that unnamed “Hollywood elites” tried to corrupt him and “killed his unborn child and destroyed the relationship he had with the child’s mother, Selena Gomez.” Bieber and Gomez dated on-and-off for several years, according to Elle magazine.

“This completely flipped me out and I lost my way for a long time. I went off the rails,” Bieber purportedly told the Bible study group. “They murdered my unborn child. Me and Selena… we were driven apart by these people and the trauma.” (RELATED: No, Ellen DeGeneres Isn’t Under House Arrest For Child Sex Trafficking)

Bieber told the Bible study group that he also went to a “top-secret party” attended by record industry executives, where people wearing animal masks attempted to convince him to drink the blood of a dead baby, the post further claims.

The post’s outlandish claims are baseless. The Daily Caller News Foundation found no news reporting to corroborate Bieber’s alleged confession, a tell-tale sign the story was fabricated. The media often covers Bieber, and it’s unlikely that outlets would not pick up such statements from the pop singer.

The viral post appears to lift word-for-word from an article published by YourNewsWire, a now-defunct website that has been fact-checked at least 80 times. YourNewsWire now goes by NewsPunch, and the article the claim originated from is not available on the new domain.

This isn’t the first time social media users have shared a false claim that originated on YourNewsWire. Check Your Fact recently debunked a viral post claiming singer Katy Perry said cannibalism is “more popular than you might think.”

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Brad Sylvester

Fact Check Editor
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