FACT CHECK: No, Joe Biden Has Not Resigned As President-Elect

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

An image shared on Facebook purportedly shows an article from an Atlanta-based Fox News affiliate reporting that President-elect Joe Biden resigned from the position.

Verdict: False

Joe Biden has not stepped down as president-elect. The claim first appeared on a prank website.

Fact Check:

Social media platforms are replete with misinformation about Biden, with many dubious claims starting to circulate after he received enough Electoral College votes to secure the presidency.

This particular Facebook post shares what appears to be a screen grab of a Jan. 1 article from a Fox News affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia. The headline of the alleged article reads, “President Elect Biden steps down as President Elect.”

“Newly President Elect Joe Biden has resigned as President elect after consulting with his family & legal team due to an unspecified health issue,” the supposed article’s text reads. “President elect Biden’s advisors and legal team will make an official announcement tonight at 9pm ET. FOX will be following any new information and will keep you informed for the latest.”

There is, however, no evidence that Biden has decided to step down as president-elect due to a health condition. No press release to that effect could be found on Biden’s presidential transition website. (RELATED: Does Joe Biden’s Brother-In-Law Own Dominion Voting Systems?)

Check Your Fact also searched both the Fox News website and the Fox 5 Atlanta website, but found no articles claiming Biden stepped down from his position. Major media outlets have not reported on Biden’s purported resignation either, further adding to the post’s dubiousness.

The image appears to actually be a screen grab of the mobile version of an article published on the self-described prank website Channel 22 News. The website, which allows users to create their own prank news stories, includes disclaimers of its satirical nature, including text next to the article that reads, “You’ve Been Pranked!” The Facebook post fails to include such a disclaimer, a common way for misinformation to spread.

Congress is scheduled to formally count and certify the 2020 Electoral College votes on Jan. 6, according to USA Today.

Trevor Schakohl

Legal Reporter
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