FACT CHECK: No, The Military Did Not Convict Bill Gates Of Multiple Crimes

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

A Facebook post claims Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was convicted of multiple offenses by the military.

Verdict: False

The military has not convicted Gates on any charge. This rumor stems from a website that says it features “humor, parody, and satire.”

Fact Check:

A variety of false rumors involving Gates have circulated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, a Sept. 12 Facebook post alleges that a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay found him guilty of “child trafficking, pedophilia, conspiracy, money laundering, murder, and public health endangerment.” The post claims this decision came after “five days of heated testimony.”

These claims are baseless. Check Your Fact searched press releases from the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice but found nothing about Gates being arrested, charged or convicted by the military. Gates’ verified Facebook and Twitter accounts also remain active, both having posted content within the five-day period during which the article claims he was on trial. Check Your Fact could not locate a single credible media report to corroborate the post’s claims.

The post’s text originates from a Sept. 12 article on the website Real Raw News. While the website’s “About Us” page states that it “contains humor, parody, and satire,” the article’s claims were shared on social media without a similar warning. (RELATED: Does This Video Show French Farmers Protesting Vaccine Policies?)

Check Your Fact has previously debunked false claims about Gates stemming from Real Raw News articles, including one that alleged Gates was arrested by the military and another that claimed Navy SEALs raided his Wyoming ranch.

Trevor Schakohl

Legal Reporter
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