FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show Ryan Reynolds Wearing An Anti-Trump Shirt?

Ryan King | Contributor

An image shared on Facebook over 275 times purportedly shows actor Ryan Reynolds wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase, “It Wasn’t Rigged You’re Just A Loser.”

Verdict: False

The text on the t-shirt has been doctored. The original photo shows Reynolds wearing a shirt with the text, “This is your shot.”

Fact Check:

Reynolds, famous for starring in movies such as “Green Lantern” and “Deadpool,” has previously criticized former President Donald Trump. For instance, in a January 2017 interview with Hollywood Reporter, when asked if he was “happy to be a Canadian” since Trump had been elected president, he answered, “I am mildly terrified, like a lot of people, and also equally and mildly hopeful.” He further stated in the interview that Trump’s values do not align with his own.

The image on Facebook depicts Reynolds wearing a black t-shirt with the words “It wasn’t rigged, you’re just a loser” on it. It appears to be a reference to baseless claims pushed by Trump and some of his supporters that the 2020 election was “rigged” or stolen. (RELATED: Does This Image Show Chris Evans Wearing A ‘Keep America Trumpless’ Shirt?)

The text on the t-shirt in the image, however, has been doctored, seemingly as an advertisement for the t-shirt. Through a reverse image search, Check Your Fact found the original photo posted by Reynolds on his verified Twitter account in April. In the original photo, Reynolds’ shirt reads, “This is your shot,” a reference to a campaign in Canada to get Canadians vaccinated against COVID-19.

This is not the first time a picture of a celebrity has been digitally manipulated to show them wearing something different. Check Your Fact in September debunked the baseless claim that actor George Clooney wore a t-shirt calling Trump supporters “losers.”

Ryan King



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