FACT CHECK: Is Barry Manilow’s Music Being Removed From Spotify?

Trevor Schakohl | Legal Reporter

A post shared on Facebook claims singer Barry Manilow is leaving Spotify, joining Canadian-born artist Neil Young and other musicians in a boycott of the music streaming service.

Verdict: False

Manilow denied the rumor through his official Twitter account. The artist’s catalog is still accessible on the platform.

Fact Check:

Young posted an open letter on his website Jan. 24 that called for his work to be taken off Spotify, accusing the platform of “spreading fake information about vaccines,” according to Rolling Stone. The statement took aim at comedian Joe Rogan, host of the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” which has been accused of spreading “inaccurate claims” about COVID-19 vaccines, according to CNN. Spotify announced it would comply with Young’s request to remove his music from the platform Jan. 26, NBC News reported.

The Facebook post, dated Jan. 28, alleged Manilow would be leaving Spotify in support of Young’s decision, but cited no news outlet or post that made the claim. “C’mon musicians, time to step up and join the PROTEST,” reads the post, in part.

Manilow denied the rumor in a Jan. 28 tweet. “I don’t know where it started, but it didn’t start with me or anyone who represents me,” the artist said. (RELATED: No, Louie Anderson Didn’t Pass Away From The COVID-19 Booster Shot On His Way To Appear On Conan)

Manilow has not issued a press release or social media post announcing the removal of his music. None of the platform’s own public statements mention the removal of Manilow’s work either. The artist’s extensive catalog was still listed on Spotify at press time.

Other recording artists including Joni Mitchell, Graham Nash and India Arie have announced plans to have their music removed from the platform in the wake of Young’s decision, according to The Hill.

Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim that suggested certain other high-profile artists, including Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen, would be removing their music in solidarity with Young.

Check Your Fact has reached out to Spotify and will update this piece accordingly if a response is received.

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Legal Reporter
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