FACT CHECK: Did CBC News Publish This Story Defending The Media’s Credibility?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook purportedly shows a screen grab of an article from CBC News titled, “The media isn’t lying to you, despite what online trolls may say.”

Verdict: False

This article is digitally fabricated. A CBC spokesperson confirmed in an email to Check Your Fact that this is not a genuine article published by the outlet.

Fact Check:

A recent report from the Reuters Insitute for the Study of Journalism found that Candian’s trust in media has reached a seven-year low, with only 42 percent saying they trust “most news most of the time.” This marks a three percentage point decline from the previous year’s results.

An image shared on Facebook calls this finding into question. It shows what appears to be screen grab of an article from CBC News titled “The media isn’t lying to you, despite what online trolls may say.” 

“In the wake of a series of hateful online attacks on journalists, it’s important to remember that the credibility of Canadian journalism is unquestionable,” the subheadline reads.

The image is digitally fabricated. The purported article cannot be found on CBC’s verified social media accounts or on its website. Likewise, Check Your Fact found no credible news reports showing such a headline from CBC or any other news outlet.

“We can confirm that CBC did not publish this article,” a spokesperson for CBC told Check Your Fact in an email. “We are aware of a number of recently posted images of fake stories attributed to CBC News and are working with Social Media providers to flag and remove these false and inflammatory manipulated images.”

The image attributes the article to a writer named Guy Quenneville. Although he is a genuine writer for CBC, his profile on CBC News’ website does not show the article. (RELATED: Did CBC Publish This Article About The Netherlands Declaring A State Of Emergency?)

This is not the first time a fabricated screenshot of a CBC article about media trust has gone viral. Check Your Fact recently debunked an image allegedly showing a CBC article about Canadians’ trust in the media being at an “all-time high.”

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter


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