FACT CHECK: Does The NRA Ban Guns From Its Events?

Elias Atienza | Senior Reporter

A post shared on Facebook claims the National Rifle Association (NRA) bans guns from its events.

Verdict: Misleading

The NRA does ban guns when speakers, such as former President Donald Trump, have Secret Service protection. The NRA, however, does allow people to carry guns at events when laws allow for them.

Fact Check:

A U.S. District Court Chief Judge upheld a law that would ban magazines carrying more than 10 rounds, according to The Providence Journal. The ruling comes as President Joe Biden repeated calls to ban the sale of assault weapons, Fox News reported.

The Facebook image, a screenshot of a tweet, claims that the NRA bans guns from its events. The tweet itself received more than 2,500 retweets.

This claim, however, is misleading. The NRA has banned guns before, such as at a 2018 event featuring former Vice President Mike Pence, but that was caused by Secret Service presence at the event, according to USA Today.

“The NRA’s policy is to allow carry in accordance with local laws at (the annual meeting), including leadership forum,” a spokesperson for the NRA told the outlet at the time.

Former NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch tweeted in 2018 that the NRA “banned nothing” in response to an Associated Press report about guns being banned at its convention.

“NRA banned nothing. The media does this every year. It’s Secret Service SOP and they supersede all start and local control. Don’t complain about your eroding credibility and people calling you “fake news” when you publish things like this,” Loesch tweeted.

NRA spokesperson Lars Dalseide directed Check Your Fact to a USA Today article where he said to the outlet that visitors to the NRA’s Annual Meetings & Exhibits can carry “in accordance with Texas law.”

“That is still true today,” Dalseide told Check Your Fact. (RELATED: Was The ‘Same Actor’ Present At The Sandy Hook Shooting And The Uvalde, Texas Shooting?)

Check Your Fact previously fact-checked the claim that the NRA banned guns from its 2022 convention following the Uvalde mass shooting. The claim was deemed misleading as this only applied to areas where Trump was speaking, not the entire convention. The NRA stated guns would be allowed to be carried during the convention.

Elias Atienza

Senior Reporter
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