FACT CHECK: No, Photo Does Not Show Jeffrey Epstein and Ted Kaczynski At A Boys Summer Camp Together

Christine Sellers | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Twitter purports to show the late financier turned alleged sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and domestic terrorist Ted Kaczynski at a boys summer camp together.

Verdict: False

The original photo, taken at Interlochen Arts Camp in 1967, has been uploaded to the image-sharing website Smug Mug. Although Epstein did attend the camp, according to the Daily Beast, Kaczynski was already in high school in 1958, a Wikipedia image shows.

Fact Check:

Kaczynski died in a possible suicide in prison Jun. 10, according to ABC News. Kaczynski was found unresponsive in his cell before he was transported to a hospital and pronounced dead, The Associated Press reported.

“Jeffrey Epstein and the UNABOMBER, Ted kaczynski [sic] in the same picture!?!? I think we’re gonna find out that TRUTH is much stranger than fiction,” the Twitter image, viewed over 600,000 times, purports. The text included on the image indicates it was taken in 1967 and shows a group of high school-aged boys.

The original photo can be traced back to the image-sharing website Smug Mug. A watermark on the photo indicates it was taken at Interlochen Arts Camp in 1967.

Epstein attended Interlochen in 1967, the camp’s vice president of strategic communications and engagement confirmed to the Daily Beast. The late financier was also a donor until 2003, according to the outlet. The camp cut off contact with Epstein and “removed all donor recognition with his name” following allegations he trafficked underage girls, the outlet indicated.

Although Epstein attended the camp, there is no evidence suggesting Kaczynski did. A yearbook photo uploaded to Wikipedia shows Kaczynski was already in high school in 1958, nine years before the photo was taken. Furthermore, Kaczynski attended Harvard University at age 16 before completing a dissertation at the University of Michigan and then becoming an assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley, at age 25, according to The New York Times.

According to Wikipedia, Kaczynski was born in 1942, which would have made him 16 years old in 1958 and 25 years old in 1967. (RELATED: Does This Image Show A Flood In Ukraine?)

This is not the first time a false claim has circulated online. Check Your Fact previously debunked a YouTube video purporting that Italy had changed Pride Month to “Family Pride Month.”

Christine Sellers

Fact Check Reporter