FACT CHECK: Did CNN Report The White House Replaced The America Flag With The Israeli Flag?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on social media purports that CNN reported that the White House replaced the U.S. flag with the Israeli flag.

Verdict: False

No such article has been published by the outlet.

Fact Check:

The current truce in the Hamas-Israeli conflict could be extended. CNBC reports that sources in the Egyptian government have stated that Egypt is close to getting the truce extended an additional two days. This move would allow for the release of more hostages.

The Twitter post shows an alleged screenshot of a CNN report that has an image of the White House with the Israel flag on the roof. The cyron reads, “Biden orders The Removal Of The American Flag Atop The White House, Calling It, ‘Antisemitic.’ Raises Israeli Flag In Its Place.”

The caption reads in part, “The Biden administration has just ordered the removal of the American Flag atop the White House and called for the Israeli flag to be flown in its place.”

The image is fabricated. There is no credible news report that indicates CNN made this claim. Reuters reported that CNN has denied reporting this story. They claim that the image is manipulated and that it does not match their on air coverage.

There is no such report found on CNN website. There is no such report found on any of CNN’s social media accounts either. (RELATED: Video Of Pakistani Air Force Is Old)

The White House was recently lit up in Blue and White colors of the Israeli flag to show support for Israel during the conflict in Gaza. The Hill reported that the Biden administration called the reason for the lights, “symbolizes the ironclad support and solidarity of the American people with the people of Israel in the wake of the barbaric terrorist attacks committed by Hamas,”

This is not the first piece of misinformation that has been shared online. Check Your Fact debunked  a claim that the U.S. Government is going to start drafting women.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter