FACT CHECK: Does This Image Show Barack And Michelle Obama Posing In Front Of A Christmas Tree?

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

An image shared on Facebook allegedly shows former President Barack and former First Lady Michelle Obama posing in front of a Christmas tree. 

Verdict: False

This image is digitally altered. Michelle Obama posted the unedited version of the photo on her verified Instagram account in Dec. 2014.

Fact Check: 

The Obamas recently voted in the 2022 midterm elections in Chicago while visiting the city for events regarding their foundation, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Barack Obama recently campaigned in several states on behalf of Democratic candidates to salvage their slim chamber majorities, USA Today reported.

The Facebook image, shared over 270 times, allegedly shows Michelle and Barack Obama posing in front of a Christmas tree. In this photo, Michelle Obama’s face looks different from normal with more masculine features including smaller eyes, facial hair and a different hairstyle as well as a mustache.

“Not photo shopped–Young Barry & Big Mike,” the post’s caption reads. An iteration of this post went viral on Twitter where it garnered at least 4,600 retweets. “Yikes ! Did I miss their 30 year anniversary yesterday ?” the Twitter post’s caption reads. 

Despite the Facebook post’s claim, the image is photoshopped. A reverse image search shows that the original image was posted to Michelle Obama’s verified Instagram account in Dec. 2014. 

A slideshow from CNN documenting Michelle Obama’s life shows that the unedited image depicts her with Barack Obama in Hawaii in 1989. (RELATED: Were Barack And Michelle Obama Pictured Posing With Pro-Trump T-Shirts?)

Check Your Fact has previously debunked baseless claims that Michelle Obama is transgender. One such claim alleges that her mother died and mentioned “Michael Robinson Obama” in her will. Another claim purported that Chelsea Clinton said Barack Obama had “the courage of conviction to marry a transexual.”

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter