FACT CHECK: Did Gen. Mark Milley Not Serve In Combat?

Joseph Casieri | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook purports U.S. Army General Mark Milley never served in combat, suggesting most medals on his jacket were not deserved.

Verdict: False

Milley has an extensive combat history. The current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has been in the service since 1980.

Fact Check:

The U.S. Military shot down a fourth unidentified object, which was located over Lake Huron, NBC News reported. Reports suggest the order was given not because of military threat, but because it was deemed a “safety hazard” due to its altitude and estimated path, according to The Detroit News.

The Facebook post shares an image of Milley in uniform decorated with medals, though the poster hints they are undeserved since he never participated in a war. “Can someone explain to me how a man who never served in combat and never won a war has THIS many medals on his uniform,” the text on the image reads.

The claim is inaccurate, as Milley has an extensive record in combat. According to the U.S. Army website, Milley served in Egypt, Panama, Haiti, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq and Afghanistan in infantry and Special Forces assignments. Several of these tours included targeting corrupt leadership and peacekeeping. There is no credible news report that contradicts Milley’s official bio.

Furthermore, Milley has been authorized to wear the Combat Infantry Badge. Which is given to Military service members that were active in combat operations, according to the Code of Federal Regulations. (RELATED: Six Claims From Biden’s 2023 State Of The Union Address)

This is not the first time false claims regarding public figures have circulated online. Check Your Fact recently debunked a claim House Chief of Staff Ron Klain has been convicted of “seditious conspiracy” by a military tribunal.

Joseph Casieri

Fact Check Reporter