FACT CHECK: No, Keanu Reeves Did Not Decline 1.7 Billion Movie Offer From ‘Woke’ Marvel

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A post shared on Facebook claims actor Keanu Reeves declined a movie offer from Marvel on account of it being “woke.” 

Verdict: False

There is no evidence for this claim. It was originally posted to a satirical website.

Fact Check:

Actress Sandra Bullock has expressed an interest in acting in another movie with Reeves, as they previously co-starred in 1994’s “Speed” and 2006’s “The Lake House,” according to People. Reeves has stated he would be open to another movie with Bullock.

A Facebook post purports Reeves rejected a movie offer from Marvel because it was “woke.” The post shows an image of Reeves in a suit and a Marvel logo above text.

The reads, “Keanu Reeves Rejects Marvel’s $1.7 Billion ‘Woke’ Movie Offer, Says ‘Woke Mind Virus Should Be Destroyed.'”

This claim is inaccurate. The story was also posted on Esspots, where it is labeled as “satire.” The site’s “about us” page reads, “Our team of writers and editors is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in fake news and absurdity, all with a healthy dose of humor and satire.”  (RELATED: Is Keanu Reeves Replacing Whoopi Goldberg As Host Of Academy Awards?)

Check Your Fact has debunked numerous previous stories originating from Esspots.

Check Your Fact reached out to Marvel for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received. 

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter