FACT CHECK: The Atlantic Screenshot About Ketanji Brown Jackson’s ‘Role In White Supremacy’ Is Digitally Altered

Anna Mock | Fact Check Reporter

A photo shared on X allegedly shows an article from The Atlantic titled “Ketanji Brown Jackson’s role in white supremacy.” 

Verdict: False

The Atlantic published no such article. It cannot be found on the outlet’s website or social media accounts.

Fact Check: 

The Supreme Court has expressed hesitation on when, or if, it is appropriate for the government to encourage social media platforms to remove online content, according to The Hill. Jackson raised a hypothetical situation in which an online challenge encourages teens to jump from windows, questioning whether the government should declare such an occurrence a public emergency, the outlet reported.

The X post claims The Atlantic published an article claiming Jackson has played a role in white supremacy. The X post shares a screenshot of the alleged article with the same formatting as The Atlantic site.

Its headline reads, “Ketanji Brown Jackson’s role in white supremacy.” Underneath this, a sub headline reads, “How the freshman justice sided with Trump and is poised to become the next biggest threat to democracy.”

The image is digitally fabricated, however. The alleged article cannot be found through a search of The Atlantic’s website. Likewise, there are no matching results on any of the outlet’s social media accounts. (RELATED: No, The Atlantic Did Not Publish An Article Calling White Supremacy A ‘Multi-Species Movement’)

This is a fabricated image. It is not a screenshot of an actual Atlantic article,” a spokesperson for The Atlantic for comment told Check Your Fact in an email. “This is also provable by visiting our website: where no such article exists. For audiences, it’s remarkably easy to verify if something is real – or not – by visiting The Atlantic and searching our site.”

The image was also posted to X by U.S. Ministry of Truth, a satirical account, according to its bio. Check Your Fact has debunked this account a few times previously.

Anna Mock

Fact Check Reporter